Listed below are the most frequently asked questions concerning enzymes in general as well as our products.  We regret that we cannot publicly answer questions regarding the use of enzymes for disease nor can we make any type of health claim concerning our products.  If your question is not answered here, please email Dr. Houston.
  1. Do I need all four of HNI's products?
  2. What are enzymes?
  3. How do enzymes work?
  4. What enzymes are in HNI products?
  5. Is No-Fenol dangerous?
  6. Is there fungus in HNI enzymes?
  7. Can these proteases be dangerous?
  8. Can I use HNI enzymes with other medications?
  9. What can I expect as far as reactions?
  10. How long do these symptoms last?
  11. Should I only use enzymes if my child is GFCF?
  12. Will my child need enzymes for life?
  13. I am using the GFCF diet, do I need enzymes?
  14. Why use enzymes as dietary supplements?
  15. Why take enzymes if I can just eat raw foods?
  16. Are oral enzymes destroyed by stomach acid?
  17. Will enzymes digest the proteins of my mouth?
  18. Can one become dependent upon oral enzymes?
  19. Can the rest of the family use these enzymes?
  20. Dosing...How much do I need to give my child?
  21. When is the best time for giving the enzymes?
  22. Is it harmful to take an enzyme and not eat?
  23. How can I give enzymes with a school lunch?
  24. Can enzyme products replace the GFCF diet?
  25. Can I sprinkle enzymes on my childs food?